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Social media is a big part of my daily routine. My favorite app – Instagram!

Posted by Mollie Boutell on

It’s not just about photos of your friends anymore, but has become one of the biggest platforms for online shopping.  Almost all of my fashion inspirations come from bloggers that are constantly posting pictures on social media. It’s almost impossible to open this app without seeing something that you just have to buy. Jewelry bloggers on the Instagram scene have especially caught my eye lately. Now you can simply “swipe up”on an Instagram story and shop a whole look. This is a step up from traditional online shopping because customers can buy pieces that they truly can’t find anywhere else....

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Welcome to the Jeweler's daughter by Gabrielle Harrison

Posted by Gabrielle Harrison on

I’ve been around jewelry since as early as I can remember. Seeing my mom grow from a graduate gemologist into a successful business owner is soinspiring. As I get older I’ve grown a deeper appreciation for all things thatsparkle. Since I’ve been exposed to so many types of fine jewelry, I’ve createdmy own approach to jewelry that crosses between my boho style and my mom’ssophisticated pieces. I hope to integrate my perspective into my mom'sinventory to appeal to the aspiring girl bosses in their twenties like myself.Through this platform, I will handpick my favorite pieces, share the latesttrends, and share...

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